We are on the hunt for submissions.

Transgression is an online current affairs, opinion & street culture magazine that produces exceptional content for its readers.

What are we looking for?

  • Feature articles
  • Investigative pieces
  • Photo essays
  • Personal essays
  • Documentaries

With a focus on topics that generally aren’t covered in any significant depth by the mainstream media, your piece might be something dangerous, illicit, taboo or even just a tad eccentric.

We want true tales from the rawest edges of humanity. Sex, crime, drugs or even life as a refugee. How about a report from a conflict zone?

We aren’t after anything that pushes an ideology or an agenda. We want the facts to speak for themselves.

Think Vice before it got too big for its boots.

Once launched, we will also be seeking timely submissions on topical news as it breaks.

How to submit

The best way to pitch ideas and submit stories is via email: Include your name, contact details and a short bio. Please submit articles using a Word compatible format.

Word count is not hard or fast, but a general guide should be around 200-500 words for general feature pieces, up to approximately 1000 for opinion, investigative reports and biographical personal essay pieces.

Your work must be original, not been published elsewhere (including online), does not breach copyright, nor defame any person. We will not be held liable for any material published that transpires to be untrue and/or defames.


If you have original images or other footage to accompany the article, we’d love to publish them with attribution, but you must hold the copyright or have permission. If images aren’t supplied we will generally source relevant creative commons/stock pictures to go with the piece.

Multimedia Content

We can run photo essays and videos on Transgression. Email an outline of your multimedia proposals to us on the above email address.


Articles may be reproduced elsewhere but we mandate that Transgression is always attributed with first publication.

How long should I wait for a response?

Approximately one week. Please do not submit your work to anyone else until you have heard back from us.


By submitting work for our consideration we assume that you have read and agreed to the section relating to submissions on Transgression’s legal/t&c’s page. Put simply, you own your work and are fully responsible for it’s content.